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Guma’s Restaurant is a family owned business in West Chazy, NY that was started in 1996 by Carolyn Deno and her son Jerry. Carolyn had run a country store in the village of West Chazy for 28 years before making the move to Guma’s. What started out as a snack counter at the store, quickly out grew the space and the decision was made to expand on the food menu at a new location. The land where the restaurant sits was part of the farm where George (Carolyn’s husband) ran a dairy farm for over 50 years. With the mind set that it would be a “country home style restaurant” the log cabin idea was born. The menu was kind of easy.... Just cook what we do at home!! Then came the task of picking a name for the restaurant? After mulling over several idea’s, Guma’s came up and seemed like the perfect name. Guma is what all of Carolyn’s grandchildren call her for Grandma. This came to be, by pure accident when the first grandchild Danielle was born. She wouldn’t call Carolyn anything, she would just look up at her. In joking, her uncle Jerry said go call her Guma and she did. From that point on Guma was her name. Three more grandchildren followed and sure enough the name stuck.

All of the grandchildren have either worked or still work at the restaurant along with Guma and Jerry. KayLeigh, Adam and Jordan along with Danielle all grew up helping when needed and then becoming actual employees. Jeff, Guma’s other son, also pitches in when needed. Tammy, Jeff’s wife works full time and Jerry’s wife Lisa can be found there most weekends when she is not working her regular job. There are several other relatives working at the restaurant also and hopefully a few more coming up.

Our goal at Guma’s is to serve good home cooked meals at reasonable price in a clean restaurant. We pride our selves on all of the fore mentioned and would like to think that they have something to do with our success. When ever possible we use homemade products and fresh ingredients. We serve homemade jam and jelly with all of our breakfast’ s, we cook all fresh turkey and beef on premise and serve homemade maple syrup (additional chg). We hope to continue to serve the North Country for many years to come with these same principals. In closing we would like to thank our staff for their many years of service and dedication in making our jobs easier.

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